Thompson's Point Pond Hockey Tournament Rules & Regulations

Please read the below information regarding the tournament formats and rules. 


Divisions (Over40, Open Beginner, Open Plus, Open Low, Elite)


It is crucial team manager’s sign up for the correct division. Understand who is on your team and their hockey background. Our goal is to have a competitive and enjoyable event and proper division alignment is important. 


Tournament Format:


- Play is 3 v 3 with no goalies.

- Each team is guaranteed 3 games minimum

- Playoffs determined by number of teams in divisions

- 2 points per win, 1 for a tie

- Head to head is first tiebreaker; goals against - second, goals for - third, and coin flip if necessary if first three criteria are not met.


Game Play/ Refereeing: 


- All games are running time with two 12 minutes halves.

- 2-minute intermission after first half.

- Home team starts game with possession

- Sticks length of room to be allowed to players after a play stoppage.

- Teams will switch direction and begin play with away team getting possession to start second half.

- Substitutions can be made any time during play.

- Off ice pond official will handle game stoppages, goals, and major penalties or infractions. 

- If puck goes out of play last team to touch puck looses possession.

- All pucks out of bounds will be replaced by off ice official.

- Puck must not be lifted higher then 2 feet. (Knee High Rule)(If so possession arrow will belong to team not committing the infraction.)

- No high sticking or hitting puck into the net with gloves or kicking.

- Player must not be stationary in front or around own goal.

- Players defending own goal must be moving in the crease area.

- You cannot use skate to block shot intentionally.

- Warning will be given, followed by official granting a goal to team not committing net infraction.

- No slap shots (Penalty will be enforced)

- No overtime, teams that skate to a tie will receive 1 point toward pool play. 

- Overtime in playoff format will be sudden death, first goal wins and will advance. (Coin flip to determine possession)

- Overtime games can be decided on a penalty shot, please follow all rules.

- You can score from anywhere. 


Penalties / Sportsmanship:


- Minor penalties are called by the off ice official. Puck possession will be granted to team that did not commit the infraction. 

- Major penalties will result in the penalized player being ejected from the game. A full ice shot will also be rewarded to the team that did not commit the infraction. Possession arrow will stay with team even if they score on shot.

- Reckless penalties (High sticks, infractions on a breakaway) will result in a half ice penalty shot and possession being obtained again after.

- Absolutely no fighting or attempting to injure. Player(s) will be ejected from tournament with no refund. Teams will be forced to skate short handed if it’s a major penalty. 

- Abuse of off ice officials will result in a penalty shot and ejection from the game.

- No checking or body contact deemed excessive.

- No lying in front of goal or blocking net. This will result in penalty shot.

- After all penalty shots, the puck must be quickly passed back to the team who took the shot, and the game will continue right away.

- Breakaways or an empty net where a goal is assumed it will be awarded if an infraction occurs. 


Team Refunds:


- If weather is severe enough for teams to miss event, a percentage will be refunded with the rest of the registration going toward next year’s event.

- Any team who does not pay in full by February 7th will be removed from event without refund.

- Any team who cancels after February 8th will not receive a refund. 

- A refund of 50% will be awarded to teams that cancel before February 7th.

- Registration will remain open until February 7th.

- If we are to close due to a State shutdown, we will refund all payments minus a small service fee ($75.00) already paid towards securing referees and gifts.


Player Waiver:


-  All participants who are listed on the registration have given consent to the release of liability. Please make sure to have all players review the release prior to placing their name on the list.

- Participants play at their own risk.

*Ice rink crew will do the best to ensure everyone’s safety.




- You must be 21 to drink and have proper ID.

- No alcohol is allowed outside of designated area.

- Any participant behaving in an irresponsible manner will be asked to leave event with no refund. This is for the safety of the player and the ones around them.

- No outside alcohol allowed.  If you bring in outside alcohol, your team will be asked to leave the tournament and will not be refunded any fees.  DO the right thing, DO NOT bring in alcohol. 


Team DQ's:


- Teams playing with an ineligible player will be disqualified without refund. Notify tournament director of changes.

- Teams failing to arrive on time, or that are absent from games without notifying director will be disqualified. 

- Teams not following strict game play rules will be disqualified.




- All players are required to wear hockey skates, helmets and mask covering nose and mouth. 

- Additional equipment is strongly recommended (Shin pads, elbow pads, mouth guard)

- No goalie equipment allowed.

Player Eligibility: 


- Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

- Roster substitutions must be made before the start of the tournament.  Please email changes to  

- Participants can only play for one team inside there division.

- Any negative behavior on or off the ice will result in a dismissal and no return invitation the following year.

COVID - 19:

Our primary objective at The Rink at Thompson’s Point is the continued health and safety of our guests, tenants, employees and vendors. Because of this, we have implemented the following policies in response to COVID-19:

- We REQUIRE that all visitors and skaters bring and wear a mask at all times.  In accordance with the Maine CDC guidelines, The Rink at Thompson's Point Staff reserve the right to require masks of all visitors, on and off the ice, at any time.

-Please stay home if you or anyone that you have been around present these symptoms : Fever ▫ cough ▫ chills ▫ muscle pain ▫ headache ▫ sore throat ▫ loss of taste or smell ▫ shortness of breath

-We are closely following the State of Maine and Maine CDC guidance on the travel restrictions.  This may require a 14 day quarantine or showing written proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering the state of Maine. We encourage you to visit their website to check the latest updates to the travel ban, as that will inform how we are operating on a daily basis.





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